A Watershed Mentality

One of PBS39's latest documentary presentations, A WATERSHED MENTALITY, takes a look at the health and status of the Maumee River Basin and how we can best protect, and possibly even improve, this vital natural resource to our region. To watch this documentary online, use the player below. 

Hosey Dam-Fort WayneMaumee-Napolean OH

The program has been released nationally by NETA and is currently being seen on public television stations nationwide.

Three Rivers-Fort Wayne

In this documentary, viewers will learn about the range and overall impact of activities along the Maumee River basin, from the confluence of the Maumee, St. Joseph and St. Mary's Rivers in Fort Wayne all the way to where the Maumee flows through Ohio and into Lake Erie.

Port of Toledo

Viewers will see how practices upstream along a watershed not only affect their lives and businesses where they are, but have a lasting and major impact upon every living being downstream and beyond.

Heron on Upper Maumee

This documentary, produced and directed by PBS39's Ray Steup, was funded through a grant from The City of Fort Wayne's Board of Public Works and produced in cooperation with the USDA, The Great Lakes Commission, The Great Lakes Basin Program for Erosion and Sediment Control and the Allen County (Indiana) Partnership for Water Quality.