Matters Of The Mind

Welcome to the most recent edition of Matters Of The Mind with Dr. Jay Fawver.

Hosted by Dr. Jay Fawver, MATTERS OF THE MIND offers viewers the chance to interact with one ofMATTERS OF THE MIND WITH DR. JAY FAWVER
this area's most respected mental health experts.

As a regular guest on PBS39’s HealthLine program over 15 years ago, Jay’s comfortable communication style was very well received by viewers. It was then a natural for him to host his own program.

He started as host of the series Modern Parenting and that evolved into MATTERS OF THE MIND, a frank and intimate live on-air discussion with viewers about mental health issues. Since 1997, Dr. Fawver’s ability to connect with viewers one on one has made MATTERS OF THE MIND one of the longest running and highest rated interactive programs on WFWA.

Take part in this regional interactive mental health resource.

Tune in every Monday at 7:30pm and call in live with your questions toll free at 1-866-969-2720 or locally, to 969-2720.

You can also email your questions ahead of time to Dr. Fawver at

If you missed the original airing of Matters of the Mind each week, you'll be able to see it again
on 39-4you/Channel 39-4, as recorded, Tuesdays at 8:00pm, in addition to watching the most recent edition online.