PBS39 Updates

Regarding ongoing Audio issues with PBS39 viewers
on Comcast, Fort Wayne

For the past few weeks, we’ve gotten lot of calls, emails and occasional notes about PBS39’s channels as seen through Comcast in the Fort Wayne area. Specifically, the major issue seems to be sound and other audio bleeding over from other channels that Comcast carries onto channels 39.1 (seen on Comcast/Xfinity Channels 3, 240 and 1003) , 39.2 Comcast/Xfinity channel 241), 39.3 (Comcast/Xfinity Channel 242) and 39.4 (Comcast/Xfinity channel 24).

So you know, we are and have been aware of this problem and contact Comcast so that they can apply a remedy as soon as we are aware of each instance. Also, please note that our signal for all our channels going out over-the-air are blissfully un-encumbered by these issues as they are originating with the re-transmission of our signals by Comcast.

We share your frustration with this situation and want to thank you for calling, writing and emailing us the minute you notice it. However, sharing this frustration is of little comfort when this occurs within a program you’ve been wanting to watch or record.

As a cable consumer, Comcast has guaranteed delivery of their services to you, such as they are.
You can see this customer guarantee online, here:
Read, it, take notes and be sure to refer to this when you contact one of their service/support specialists.

As a =customer of Comcast, please call their customer service line and report this issue. As it happens. Be patient have a recent copy of a bill or statement to refer to in the event you are asked for any account numbers or detail they may require.

The toll free number to speak to a Comcast/Xfinity agent is 1-800-934-6489.

If you’d like to try and contact them online, you can find their support services here: http://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/
or their direct contact page at

where you also have the option to call, do a live chat with one of their agents or find a local service center.

Please note that we have tried dialing the Fort Wayne office at 720 Taylor Street at the number listed online and in the local phone directories at (260) 456-9000 and have gotten an automated disconnected number notice for our troubles just the same as you might have.

We wish we had a better answer for you about these issues and rest assured, we have been in contact with Comcast about them. Between us both, perhaps we’ll be able to experience a speedy resolution to them.

From all of us at PBS39, thanks for your comments and concern for the public television you depend on.

For any questions you may have regarding programming lineups and schedules, please feel free to drop us a line via email at programming@wfwa.org.
For any other questions regarding PBS39, email us at info@wfwa.org.

PBS39 broadcasts 24 hours each day across four channels:

PBS39HD/Channel 39.1 (also seen on Comcast Xfinity Cable Channel 3 and 1003 (HD))
as well as Frontier FiOS Channels 3, 470 and 503-HD);
Kids39/Channel 39.2 (also seen on Comcast Digital 241, Frontier FiOS Channel 471);
PBS39 CreateTV/Channel 39.3 (also seen on Comcast Digital 242, Frontier FiOS Channel 472);
39-4you/Channel 39.4 (also seen on Comcast Digital 243, Frontier FiOS Channel 473).

Our online schedule can be accessed anytime here at our website at http://www.wfwa.org/programming_page/programming.html.