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The issue of credit is an ever-growing concern in today's world. Educating young people about responsible use of credit and debt is the key to building a society that lives consumer debt-free. The simple, yet powerful, knowledge of knowing how to spend, and how to keep from overspending, is crucial to future financial success.

Taking Control of Your Credit follows two high school students: Julian and Aaron. Julian gives Aaron a lesson in credit, specifically, the use of credit cards. In this 30-minute program, they discuss the benefits of having credit and the consequences of misusing it. Beginning with the basics of tracking his expenditures and developing his own budget, Aaron learns how to keep his finances under control.

Taking Control of Your Credit is directed at young people so that they can live "money smart."

Taking Control of Your Credit has been distributed via DVD to schools across northern Indiana in the spring of 2009, and also to high schools across the United States. To learn more email us at: info@wfwa.org

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