PBS39 said goodbye to analog broadcast operations

on UHF channel 39 at Midnight, February 17, 2009.

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PBS39 currently broadcasts
24-hours each day on one High-Definition TV (HDTV) signal
and three standard defintition digital TV (SDTV) channels:
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39-1 — PBS39HD (Digital)
PBS39's main channel, broadcast in High-Definition TV format (HDTV)


39-2 — Kids39 (Digital): 24/7 award-winning educational public television children’s programming.


39-3 — createTV (Digital)-24/7 award-winning programs for do-it-yourselfers, travelers and people interested in the latest in lifestyle programming and more.


39-4 - 39-4you (Digital): News, information documentaries and more, 'round the clock including shows never before seen on PBS39 and some that are encores of earlier broadcasts.

On April 25th, 2003, PBS39 celebrated a major milestone: We met a critical FCC deadline and at the same time, inaugurated the first regularly scheduled digital TV, or DTV, broadcast service to the Fort Wayne area. Later, we were the first TV station to offer 'round-the-clock high-definition TV (HDTV) broadcasts.

Later, we added to our digital broadcast capability, culminating in our becoming the first TV broadcaster in our service region to begin continuous Standard-Definition TV (SDTV) Multicasting operations.

We completed this buildout and transition to All-Digital TV Broadcasting at Midnight, February 17th, 2009
when we ceased normal analog broadcast operations.

On July 4, 2010, PBS39/39-1 officially became PBS39HD, becoming this area's only high-defintion public television resource and returning PBS39 viewers to the realm of high-def programming while maintaining our standard-definition digital broadcasts on Kids39, PBS39CreateTV and 39-4you, round the clock. This transition was made possible through a generous gift to PBS39 from the Madge Rothschild Foundation.

At PBS39, our mission is to bring you the very best that TV has to offer every day. PBS39’s Digital TV broadcasts, with clear picture and CD quality sound do just that over four digital channels. We're proud to bring our viewers more choices and more programming as part of our tradition of excellence.

With all of our partners, PBS39 is committed to utilizing this new technology to build and strengthen our community at large. We and our partners in progress have a vision - and are working toward this vision daily - to help the community we serve become stronger and more competitive in national and global arenas by supporting education for a lifetime.

Viewers who own digital television sets (not just a monitor, but a monitor coupled to a digital tuner and receiver) or have hooked a converter box to their analog TV, or who receive their TV reception through a paid service such as satellite or cable are now able to enjoy the full benefits of this new technology!