PBS39's Digital Channels can be found for free as a regular broadcast over the air, and at:

Channel 39-1/PBS39HD: Comcast Xfinity Cable channel 3 & High-Definition Channel 1003,
and Frontier FiOS 3 & 470 plus High-Definition channel 503.
Channel 39-2/Kids39: Comcast Xfinity 241, and Frontier FiOS 471
Channel 39-3/createTV: Comcast Xfinity 242, and Frontier FiOS 472
Channel 39-4/39-4you: Comcast Xfinity 243, and Frontier FiOS 473
If you live outside the Fort Wayne/Allen County area, use one either the "Change Provider" function below left or click on "Providers" below right to find where you can find
PBS39's digital channels on cable or satellite providers in your area.